Other Hunts

Pheasant, Grouse, Duck, Dove, Rabbit, Quail, and many others await your arrival!!

Because of our aggressive habitat management, we have some of the best upland game hunting in North Central Nebraska!

Some examples are:

  • Doves are plentiful in season

  • Crows are almost at a nuisance level

  • Grouse are everywhere

  • Squirrels are very wary and enjoyable to hunt.  You can enjoy the quietness and peace as you occasionally glimpse one of the little guys.

  • Our raccoons are quite abundant and pesky

  • You will be challenged to find a Bobcat, but they're there!

  • You're, at most, 45 minutes away from the best pheasant hunting in the entire US... South Dakota's open prairies!!!

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Directions from Valentine

  • 15 Miles East on State Highway 12
    1 Mile South on County Road (Toward Smith Falls)


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