Elk Hunting

Elk hunting in the Niobrara River Region offers a unique and rewarding experience for hunters. This region is known for its scenic landscapes, including densely covered hills, canyons, and expansive river valleys, providing ideal habitats for elk and other big game.

Our aggressive management has paid off.  Since 1996, with a limited hunt rate and tight harvest restrictions, we've built an outstanding herd.  We now have several trophies and a large overall population.  

Your shot at an eye-popping elk is virtually insured.

We assign you an exclusive area to hunt.  You can rest assured there will be no other hunters assigned to your area. 

Elk Hunting Packages

  5 Day 6 night Rifle hunt*     Book Your Hunt Today!!
  (First Weekend of Season only, includes cabin)
  1. Hunters choosing not to harvest an receive a $1000 Credit good toward your next hunt
  2. All applicable licenses are the responsibility of each hunter
Get more information and purchase licenses at the
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Web Site
All prices are subject to change without notice

All license fees are the responsibility of the individual hunter

Get more information and purchase licenses at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Web Site

Directions from Valentine

  • 15 Miles East on State Highway 12
    1 Mile South on County Road (Toward Smith Falls)


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