The Niobrara River

  The Niobrara River is a masterpiece.  Cradled in a valley hundreds of feet

below rim rock and tree covered bluffs, it is blessed by more than 90
waterfalls that cascade from adjacent banks and hidden canyons.  

Niobrara River Ranch trails allow you private access to many secluded falls.
The constant flow of the Niobrara is sustained by springs and seeps from
the surrounding Sand hills that capture groundwater.  A guided ranch tour

takes you to the gentle beginnings of Smith Falls, Nebraska’s tallest.

  One of the top 10 canoeing rivers in the United States, the Niobrara
steadily drops 8 to 10 feet per mile creating an ever constant, rippling
current.  Here and there, stretches of white water punctuate the otherwise
gentle stream.   

    The Niobrara is the only East-West running river on the northern
Great Plains without a reservoir.  Because of this and the “outstandingly
remarkable” geological factors the Niobrara has been designated a Wild and
Scenic River by Congress.


Horse Riding

Enjoy the Niobrara Valley on Horseback!!

We have a Corral-Full of horses available for your trail rides!!!

We offer all the amenities of your horses' home stable!  Our facilities include an excellent barn, 11 panel stalls, and spacious outside corrals.  Bring your horses and feel free to negotiate our 15-20 miles of open trails.  You'll be in complete control, you can ride to your hearts content.  No dull trail rides here!

Contact us for rate details!!

We are making plans to bring in a stable of horses and guides for our guests' convenience


Enjoy a Canoe Adventure on the Niobrara!!

Canoeing, Tubing, and Kayaking on the Niobrara River is enjoyed by 60,000 people each year.  You can relax and let the water run by as you soak up the sun and float down the river.

As a guest of Niobrara River Ranch we will be happy to book your Canoe, Tube, or Kayak Trip.  Rates and trip packages vary and generally are approximately $35 per person

Contact us for rate details!!

National Geographic Magazine rated the Niobrara one of the 10 best U.S. canoeing rivers and, Ranked it among the 100 best U.S. Adventures in the
National Geographic Adventure 100

Many beautiful sights will take your mind off the daily grind

Our modern full-service bath house and fully-stocked concession are easily accessible from, the Niobrara River near the Scenic Allen bridge.  We have a "Beach and Go" short-term canoe landing for your convenience.

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Directions from Valentine

  • 15 Miles East on State Highway 12
    1 Mile South on County Road (Toward Smith Falls)


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